🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week — Issue #123

New Videos from Tech Smart Boss


Collecting Feedback on Your Website Using Feedier (Tech Smart Boss Use Case)www.youtube.com
We’ve talked about Feedier in the past ( https://www.techsmartboss.com/blog/how-to-feed-your-need-for-customer-feedback-with-feedier/ ) as a great way to col…

New Podcast from Tech Smart Boss

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Episode 117: How To Do A/B Testing When You’re A Small Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)soundcloud.com
Stream Episode 117: How To Do A/B Testing When You’re A Small Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way) by Tech Smart Boss from desktop or your mobile device

Top Articles of the Week

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7 bad social media marketing habits (and what to do instead)awario.com
We’ll go through the list of things that you might be doing wrong, maybe without even realizing it, and give you something to try instead.

Copywriting guide social

Copywriting: The Definitive Guidebacklinko.com
A complete guide to copywriting. Includes proven frameworks, templates and more.

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Forty percent of ‘AI startups’ in Europe don’t really use AI, says report — The Vergewww.theverge.com
A lot of companies want to cash in on the AI hype. A new study from London VC firm MMC claims that 40 percent of the European “AI startups” it surveyed don’t actually use artificial intelligence in a way that was material to their businesses.


Why Aren’t My Emails Generating Any Response?reply.io
At Reply, we see great results from our cold emails, with reply rates of over 25%. Getting high reply rates can be tricky, but it’s far from impossible. If you’d like to reach more clients and boost your response rate, check out the nine reasons your emails might be failing.

Cross functional collaboration

Cross-Functional Collaboration: The Secret Of Top-Performing Marketing Teamsblog.loomly.com
Cross-Functional Collaboration happens when team members from different departments / business units join forces to achieve a common goal.

Cool Tech of the Week

In episode 64 of the podcast, I talked about the importance of using Video in your marketing efforts. This week, we’re selecting Waymark as our Cool Tech of the Week, because Waymark makes it really easy to create professional marketing videos.

Seriously, it took me about 5 minutes to make this video for International Women’s Day by using a Waywark template (which they offered for free by the way).

Waymark gives you a bunch of professional templates that you can easily customize with your business brand.

Check them out and you might find a few ways to get started with videos today.

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Waymark Video Ads | Online Video Makerwaymark.com
Shop, play, & personalize video ads at the Waymark Store. Professional quality videos created instantly for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

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