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Episode 72 3 key things every entrepreneur needs to know about their business to be successful

Episode 72: 3 Key Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Their Business To Be Successful — Podcast.copod.co

In this episode, I cover the 3 main areas of oversight that every entrepreneur needs in their business to be successful.

Top Articles of the Week

Performance goals and objectives

Top 9 Performance Goals And Objectives | Clickup Blogclickup.com
Want to track your company’s progress but not sure how to? This list of performance goals and objectives has everything you need.


The Cadence: How to Operate a SaaS Startup — Craft Ventures — Mediummedium.com
Let’s face it: most startups are a shitshow. Perhaps the most pervasive problem afflicting venture-backed startups, once they achieve a basic level of product-market fit, is managing the…

Header green

The State of Work From Home — Blog — Shifttryshift.com
We asked our entire community how they feel about working from home: the benefits, the drawbacks, and what it all means for the future of work. We …

Hub and spoke vs pillar content

Hubs vs. Pillars: What’s the Difference? — Animalzwww.animalz.co
Terms like “hub and spoke” and “pillar content” are used interchangeably. In this post, we define each, explain when they should be used and show some examples.

Maker vs manager

The Maker Schedule vs the Manager Schedule — Wovenwoven.com
How to understand the Maker Schedule vs the Manager Schedule, and what you need to do to get the most productivity out of your work and your team

Cool Tech of the Week

Hs banner 20

Automatic Transcription & Subtitle Generator — Happy Scribewww.happyscribe.co
Automatic Transcription & Subtitle Generator in +119 Languages — Audio to text & Video to text — Export in Word, PDF, SRT, VTT and more — Get Started For Free

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a tool that makes it super simple to automatically add on-screen transcription to your videos and create subtitles in multiple translated languages. It’s true, I’m talking about Happy Scribe.

There are a lot of transcription tools popping up on the market, many free and low cost options like former Cool Tech of the Week, Descript and Otter. Those are nice, but I am really impressed with the ease and accuracy of Happy Scribe.

If you’ve listen to any of my podcasts or watched my videos, you can hear that I have a heavy twang to my dialect. I ran a test video through Happy Scribe and it was 99.9% correct on the first run.

The real power was how easy it was to customize, update things, and download the subtitle file (which I uploaded into YouTube as their auto generated file had lots of errors). And if I wanted to auto-translate the subtitles into a bunch of different languages, it was just a click.

Happy Scribe is a paid service, but within a Tech Smart Bosses budget. Check it out, Happy Scribe, our Cool Tech of the Week.

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Founder of 5000fish the biz behind Yurbi and Chief Boss on TechSmartBoss.

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A Pre-History of Slashdot on its 20th Birthday


Using Brewfile to automatic setup macOS from scratch

HITCON 2017 : Ghost in The Heap Writeup

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Why Switch to Coding?

What is cloud computing ?

Monitor Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute & Network Performance

Monitor Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute & Network Performance

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David Ferguson

David Ferguson

Founder of 5000fish the biz behind Yurbi and Chief Boss on TechSmartBoss.

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