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Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very common topics here at Tech Smart Boss. When you are starting out or doing business on a lean …

Top Articles of the Week

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Cool Tech of the Week

We’ve highlighted a few password managers in the past such as, , , and . My personal favorite for individual use is still . But this week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a password manager designed specifically for teams, it’s Passcamp.

I’ve had Passcamp in my toolkit for a while but it wasn’t quite baked when I first picked it up. In recent months they have been grinding and coming out with very nice features like browser extensions and most recently, , so I decided to take another peek.

To my delight, it was great. I immediately put it to work with my new virtual assistant and it’s working great to share passwords on all the apps we need to collaborate on.

Check it out, it could be the missing piece of your tech stack, Passcamp.


How are you supposed to remember all your passwords? You don’t! Store and share them in PassCamp password manager for teams. Sign up for free trial today!

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