🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week — Issue #200

👋🏼 Hey Tech Smart Bosses, guess what? This is episode 200. We could make a big deal about it, but we won’t. Hope you enjoy this issue. Keep business building, Tech Smart Boss. 🚀

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Episode 114: How To Align Your Sales and Support Organizations — Podcast.copod.co

In this episode, I go over both the process and technology steps you can take to ensure your sales and support teams are in sync as you grow.

Top Articles of the Week

How to warm up your email account [2020 in-depth guide]blog.lemlist.com
How to warm up your email account and keep it that way, so you make sure to have the perfect email deliverability.

80 Leading Social Media Tools for 2020www.juphy.com
In this article, you will find a list of 80 leading social media tools for 2020.

Video Accessibility: How to Make Videos Everyone Can Enjoywww.vidyard.com
Find out why everyone benefits from accessible video features and practices. Then, learn how to put them into action.

5 ways to automate WordPress and save time on post-publication taskszapier.com
Adding in a few automated workflows to handle your post-publication tasks can help you keep your focus on content while still growing your site.

8 Video Marketing Tools that Can Help you Boost your Sales Pitch!salestechstar.com
Realizing that the demand for video is ripe, 87 percent of marketing professionals now use videos as a marketing tool, according to Wyzowl.

Cool Tech of the Week

Sometimes the simplest of tools can help you the most. A common thing you hear is “copy sells.” OK, maybe you haven’t heard that, but it’s a thing. The concept is that your text on your landing pages, emails, marketing literature, etc is what convinces people to move forward in your sales funnel and ultimately buy.

So in the past, we have shared various sources where you can get “swipe files” or a collection of other brands emails or web pages so you can see what works for them and swipe it (no Dora references please).

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week helps you with this, it’s Headlime.

Headlime is nothing more than a web-based template where you add in your keywords, brand names, features, and any other adjective or noun you can think of, and they automatically generate you text for your ads, headers, emails, that you can copy/paste and use. It’s not that you couldn’t do it yourself, they just make the easy button for you to save you time.

You won’t like all their suggestions, but you’ll find something that looks right and use it, and they are creating “best practice” conversion text that may help you get the right message to your audience.

Check it out, the Cool Tech of the Week, Headlime.

Create Headlines Like Copywriting Experts, Without Writing Themheadlime.io
Get access to high converting headlines. Headlime generates hundreds of headlines for you, simply by answering a few questions.

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