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Episode 23 how a tech smart boss creates a contingency plan for their business

Episode 23: How a Tech Smart Boss Creates a Contingency Plan for Their Business — Podcast.copod.co

In this episode, I go over a 5-step plan that I use to build contingency plan in the key areas of my business (including technology) and discuss how you can apply them to small and large-sized businesses.

Top Articles of the Week

Linkedin articles hero image

LinkedIn articles: Pros and cons and how to write them | Braftonwww.brafton.com
If you’re a B2B marketer, consider the benefits of creating LinkedIn articles and working this platform into your content marketing strategy.

Enterprise seo hero

Enterprise SEO guide: Top strategies for top marketers | Braftonwww.brafton.com
Large enterprises wield a double-edged sword: more resources but more blowback. Learn how to keep your enterprise SEO campaign on track with proven strategies and plans of attack.

Sms marketing hero image

SMS marketing: The complete guide | Braftonwww.brafton.com
SMS marketing is an efficient way to attract, engage and retain customers. Learn all about this marketing tool and find out how it could help your business.

1*mrbbvvemdpkt xihnirmja

Top 15 Acquisition Channels That Work Consistently for Getting New Users | by Darko Gjorgjievski | Oct, 2020 | Entrepreneur’s Handbookentrepreneurshandbook.co
I’ve been in the startup community since 2006 (when MySpace was still a thing) and one of the questions I’ve seen constantly popping up is: “How do I get new users? Where do I post? Which acquisition…

Cool Tech of the Week

What’s the use of emailing great content if it lands in the spam or junk folder?

Sadly in some cases there is not much you can do to prevent it. But you do want to do every single thing possible to make your best attempt to reach the inbox.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a new free tool that can help with that, Unspam Email.

In the past we talked about some other spam testers, but they all had limitations and some came with a cost. Unspam Email is free. So “yay” for that. Plus the interface and the information they give is excellent. So we recommend it.

But we’ve said in the past, if the product is free, you are the product. In this case, Unspam Emai is completely free for the spam testing service, but they will give you some upsell emails and ads for their domain warm-up service. We don’t mind that, and if you need a domain warm-up service, check it out.

I think it’s worth getting one of these emails and testing out your newsletters and marketing mails to see if they can be improved either from your technical setup or your content.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week, Unspam Email.

Social media

Free Email Newsletter Spam Test — Unspam.emailunspam.email
Check the newsletter spam score and quality. Improve the deliverability of your emails with our online spam tester and checker tool.

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