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In this episode, I go over 7 key metrics, how to calculate them, and why they are important. Hopefully, this episode will help you if you are doing a lot of email marketing or trying to grow into email marketing as a channel that moves the needle for your business.

Top Articles of the Week

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Cool Tech of the Week

As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of Slack over the years. I really like it and it provides a central communication and integration hub for my businesses (and hobbies). But in case you missed it, Salesforce for 27.7 Billion.

Now I have nothing against Salesforce and I’m sure that Slack will continue to be just as great if not better than before. But I just don’t like when huge companies come in and gobble up really cool tech products.

I’ve actually be looking for Slack replacements for a while and during the course of working with multiple customers recently, I had the opportunity to join meetings via Microsoft Teams. I was pretty impressed by Teams. The voice quality was great, even from the US to Australia in some cases. The screen sharing was solid. And the ability for a guest like myself to join a company’s team meeting was something that I couldn’t even do with Slack.

So this week, I’m naming Microsoft Teams as my Cool Tech of the Week. If you are currently using Office 365, I think it’s a no-brainer to use Teams. With the changes coming in G Suite, I may even jump ship and go to Microsoft just because of Teams. OK I’m getting ahead of myself.

Check out Microsoft Teams, they clearly are doing something right and triggered Slack and Salesforce to team up against them.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

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