🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week — Issue #215

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In this episode, I talk about why you should content prune and how to do it. The end goal, maximize the value of your existing content and grow new leads from a little content spring cleaning.

Top Articles of the Week

If there’s one rule in marketing, it’s this: Don’t make assumptions about your audience. Data can guide your content development efforts if you know how to find and interpret it correctly.

So you’re a social media content creator. Here’s how to turn “posting with a purpose” into a results-driven digital marketing strategy to grow your business.

It’s been a busy 2020 for Cloudflare. Let’s dive into their edge compute and Zero Trust moves.

Google Lighthouse is a free tool that gives you powerful insights to help improve your website, but how and when should you use it

Goggle Analytics 4 uses event data from interactions on your website/app. Here I will show an implementation of GTM custom event sending data to GA4.

Cool Tech of the Week

If you have websites running you need to make sure they stay running. While your hosting provider might promise 99.99999% uptime, they don’t always deliver. And a sign of great customer service is to know about outages before your customers have to notify you.

There are a lot of free URL monitoring solutions out there but the Cool Tech of the Week is one of the best web monitoring solutions I have discovered, .

While they have a free version which is excellent, one of the best features of Better Uptime is the way they handle incident alerting and on-call team scheduling. If you have a team and need to intelligently SMS text, call, or email the right person before waking up the Tech Smart Boss, then Better Uptime is for you.

They also have great integration with notification platforms like Slack, visually appealing public and private status pages for your business, and they just released port monitoring, so you can do more than just websites, you can monitor your app services.

Check it out, out Cool Tech of the Week, Better Uptime.

Radically better uptime monitoring platform with phone call alerts, status pages, and incident management built-in. Free plan included!

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