🚀 Here are my best finds for a Tech Smart Boss this week — Issue #216

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In this episode, I go over my 4 steps to help plan what needs to get done each day and week, which allows me to keep my sanity and be more productive so that I can have some downtime when needed.

Top Articles of the Week

Learn how to write sales copy that converts like crazy and avoid the mistakes most writers make in the process.

In working with and advising many startups over the years, a common theme is knowing when it’s time to proactively scale up growth, and how to do so in a smart and efficient way. There are many…

Arielle Jackson has experience crafting marketing campaigns at Google, Facebook and Square. This is her messaging toolbox.

Email marketing tools can send targeted emails, provide you with templates for emails, schedule the sending of the emails, and also perform A/B testing.

Single Sign On allows customers to use a single digital identity across multiple domains. Learn how loginradius makes SSO seamless and secure for you.

Cool Tech of the Week

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a super simple way to create a knowledge base for your company (possibly for free). Let’s talk about .

If your Tech Smart Boss business leverages G Suite then Kbee may be a no-brainer for you if you need a knowledge base for your internal team or customers.

Kbee hooks to your Google Drive and lets you instantly create a searchable knowledge base. It’s a new product, so I expect them to add a lot of features, but for now it does what you expect from a basic knowledge base, including features like password protection, video embedding, and custom domains (on the paid plans).

Check it out and see how Kbee can turn your Google Docs into knowledge.

Delightful knowledge base software. Kbee is a free, hosted help center solution that turns Google Docs into a beautiful, searchable knowledge base right out of the box. Write and update your articles in Docs and leave the rest to Kbee.

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