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In this episode, I do a recap of the past episodes by category, so if you’re new to the show or if you missed a few, you can follow the proper sequence to hear me talk about Finance, Customer Service, Marketing, and more. Plus we go into some of the stats and what’s coming up on the next 25 episodes!

Top Articles of the Week

Follow this customer service checklist template to build a flawless clock-work process. Not a single detail will slip out of sight!

Tips and best practices to help you build a marketing attribution model from start to finish.

Learn why KPI management is an essential strategy to make sure monthly, quarterly, and annual goals you set in place for your team end up being successful.

When we talk about SaaS in general, and SaaS metrics in particular, it usually does not take long until the (infamous) term “LTV/CAC ratio” comes up. This may be evolving though, as many experts and…

Cool Tech of the Week

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a relatively new product, but it has the potential to be one to watch out for, .

We’ve talked about products in the past that help take your anonymous website visitors and turn them into potential leads. These days with more people working at home, it seems to be an even more daunting task to get good data on what businesses are visiting your website (and leaving before submitting a form to tell you who they are).

There are a few products in this space, but I recently started experimenting with Happier Leads and comparing them against a few others. To my surprise, Happier Leads was coming out with the best data.

Now to be clear, this is a new product and has much improvement to make, But this week they just launched the v2 of their interface, and while there is much to improve still, it shows a good vision and the ability to execute.

So this week’s Cool Tech of the Week is an early notice to Tech Smart Bosses, if you are interested in this type of technology, Happier Leads may be one that you want to jump on now. Check it out today.

Happierleads is a B2B Web Analytics platform, which turns your website visitors into hot sales leads by revealing important information about them

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