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Cool Tech of the Week

We’ve recommended HubSpot CRM in the past (and even put a course together on it), in this week’s issue, HubSpot Sales is our Cool Tech of the Week.

It’s a great addition to the CRM and adds in email tracking, templates, sequences, calendar booking, live website chat, and more. It’s the more that is triggering the inclusion this week.

They just included workflow and some other really cool features to HubSpot Sales Pro. But there is a catch, it currently costs $50 per month per user and starting Nov 1st it goes up to a minimum of 5 users at $80 per month (yup, $400 a month yall). But you can grandfather your price now if you jump on at least 1 user.

$600 a year is nothing to sneeze at, but if you are using HubSpot CRM or considering a switch, I recommend you grab HubSpot Sales (ASAP).

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