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David Ferguson
4 min readSep 8, 2018


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Become a Boss of Content Creation and Distribution with Story Chief www.youtube.com
We talk a lot about the importance of Content Marketing and leveraging your Tech Smart Boss website to generate leads for your business (check out Episode 12…

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Episode 91: How To Protect Your Business From Embarrassing Hacks (Both Internal and External) soundcloud.com
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Top Articles of the Week

Customer support engineer

What is a Customer Support Engineer? And How to Know if You Need One | Process StreetWhat is a Customer Support Engineer? And How to Know if You Need One — Process Streetwww.process.st
There are so many layers to a modern support team. Some companies will have countless reps working hard each day to champion the customer and empower them to do

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With This Company’s New Tool, You Can Run a Free Background Check on Yourselfwww.entrepreneur.com
Checkr sells AI-powered background check software to companies. Now, it’s giving job candidates a glimpse into what potential employers might see.

Thank you pages examples and ideas

How to Create a B2B Thank You Page That Doesn’t Suckwww.chilipiper.com
Don’t be another company that just says “thanks, we’ll call you when we have a minute” on your thank you page. See how these companies are delivering an awesome B2B thank you page that keeps you engaged with their company.

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The best note-taking apps to use in 2018 — The Vergewww.theverge.com
You might want a note-taking app as an artist, to take notes during a meeting to remember important feedback, or to jot down insights from a meaningful panel. Maybe you’re a celebrity who needs to publish a public apology to social media, and you need more space than a typical post affords. Often, we don’t give much thought to which app we’re using. It’s either the first app that’s available or the one everyone says is good.

Cool Tech of the Week

Before I name a product Cool Tech of the Week, I have to actually use it for a period of time (or have used it in the past) and I have to know that it is a solid product.

This week’s Cool Tech is Vooplayer. I’ve been using Vooplayer since March this year as a replacement for Wistia (which I still like very much but they have gotten pricey).

What I like most about Vooplayer is their hybrid video model. You can upload and host your videos on Vooplayer and take advantage of all their security protection and advanced features OR you can host your videos somewhere else, like pCloud, Amazon S3, or even YouTube, and still leverage the majority of Vooplayer features like player branding, call to actions, conversion tracking and more.

I’ve been on a mission to get Vooplayer supported by many of the other tools we talk about here at Tech Smart Boss (which I use daily), and so far Vooplayer embeds are now supported at AcademyOcean, SupportHero, Story Chief, and the list is growing.

If you are looking for a powerful, affordable, and ever improving video hosting and marketing tool, check out Vooplayer, our Cool Tech of the Week.


#1 Video Hosting Service and Marketing Suite for Business | vooPlayer™www.vooplayer.com
vooPlayer is a professional video hosting solution with a sophisticated suite of video marketing tools that helps businesses grow with video.

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